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Château Lacapelle Cabanac...

Agriculture Biologique

In august 2001, Thierry Simon and Philippe Verax became the owners of Château Lacapelle Cabanac. Herewith a dream came true for both gentlemen and they came in the possesion of a domain of more than 19 HA with 30 years old grape trunks in full maturity around the château. They have started a total renovation of the equipment and modernization of the buildings.
They have also completely banned the use of chemical pesticides. This led in October 2005 to the first harvest under the official label AB, Agriculture Biologique. The grapes became much and much better and their wines became known to private and professional users. From that moment on they won several big prizes for their wines and they received almost every year one or more stars in the famous Guide Hachette.

In short, a very high quality Château!
































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