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Château de Cénac...     (Pelvillain Frères)

The Pelvillain vineyards are from the passion of five generations of winemakers from the Cahors appelation. The winegrower family ancestry dates back to the 19th century and despite the various weather hazards suffered by the region this activity was never interrupted on 1.5 HA of the original property.

The estate has really taken off with the arrrival of Claude and Odile Pelvillain in 1968. It was restructured to 18 HA in 1982, thanks to the vineyards of Château de Cenac and Château du Port, both located on the town of Albas. After the start of the retirement in 1993, his 3 sons Francis, Didier and Arnaud have taken over. The production area is the constantly enlarged to 52 hectares in 2013 with the resumption of a new 12 HA vineyard Domaine du Théron.

































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