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Specialist in wines from the French region Cahors

Clos d'Un Jour...

Un Jour
, hence the name of the domain, Véronique and Stéphane Azémar (he architect - she archaeologist) decided to leave Paris and her stressful life to begin the adventure of wine. They begin to form and learn from other winemakers, for the purchase, in 1999, of 7 hectares of vineyard located in the south of the valley of the Lot on the third terrace. Due to the small size of the company, converted with organic farming, each plot (mainly Malbec and a little Merlot) can be cared for in a very special way: for example, sheep graze! In wine making, pigeage and length of maceration is adjusted to obtain optimal extraction of color and tannin. This passionate couple produces concentrated and fruity wines of a high standard that perfectly illustrate the Cahors Appellation.































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